Where we are

The Itria Valley

Located in the Murgia hinterland, the Itria Valley owes its name to the cult of Madonna Odegitria (introduced in southern Italy at the beginning of 1000 by Basilian monks) and preserves the value of its traditions associated with myths, symbols and legends with festivals, celebrations and folk fairs. The ‘Valley of trulli’ presents itself to its visitors as a small slice of paradise ornamented with olive trees and dry stone walls, which represent one of the most evocative architectural components of the local rural landscape.
The trulli, typical limestone houses with cone shaped roofs, date back to prehistoric times and are officially recognized UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
The vineyards scattered throughout the Valley produce excellent wines such as “Bianco Locorotondo’, ‘Verdeca’ and “Bianco d’Alessano”, which can be tasted in the cellar or in one of the local restaurants.
The magic that surrounds the Valley as well as the resources it is rich in have made tis place unique and increasingly sought-after. It is here where the past meets the present: a good example is the famous Locus Festival, a large-scale event dedicated to jazz and electronic music.

"One of the most beautiful villages in Italy having the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club"


Located on the top of the hill and having a circular shape it got its name from Latin ‘Locus Rotundus’. Locorotondo historic center oozes its charm with its streetscapes of white houses and ‘Cummerse’ with unusual pointed roofs that follow one another, decorated with various kinds of flowers, that seem a real work of art. Dating back to 1000 AD, the village offers wonderful examples of Baroque and Romanesque art, as well as a unique walkway over the valley (called Belvedere) with a breathtaking scenery.

To see

Discover the historic center, passing through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II to the Villa Comunale.

Visit the Mother Church of San Giorgio (where neoclassical and Baroque art merge), Palazzo Morelli and its Clock Tower, The Madonna della Greca Church (the oldest in the village), the Church of San Rocco (the patron saint of the village) and the Church of San Nicola with its cycles of wall paintings depicting scenes from the Life of St Nicholas and some of his miracles.

Walk along the Belvedere or “lungomare” (the term invented by the locals and referred to the thick fog that descends on the valley at dawn, resembling water surface), go down to the monumental complex of Sant’Anna, also housing the museum ‘Pearls of memory’ (‘Perle di memoria’).

Main Events

Locus Festival
Since 2005, Locorotondo has been clearly distinguished from other Italian destinations by the perfect balance between the quality and popularity of its events, and is positioning itself as one of the most advanced avant-garde music festivals in Italy. Great concerts go along with the initiatives aimed at enhancing local enogastronomic tradition, literary and musical meetings, environmental events.

Viva Festival
Created in 2017, it is dedicated to international electronic and avant-garde music. The beating heart of the festival is the stage of the Itria Valley arena with Locorotondo on the background.

Patronal Festival of San Rocco
It is celebrated on August 16, and is remarkable for a characteristic Pyrotechnic Festival which enchants hundreds of tourists. Another fascinating event during the period of celebrations, is the so called custom of ‘Diene’ (in Locorotondo dialect) which consists in musical bands crossing the village and playing a sweet, sometimes melancholic melody, similar to a lullaby.